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Estelle Vest

Running for Team SOSC has been a life changing experience.

Running alongside the very athletes that I am there to support, shows me the true meaning of perseverance, determination, and dedication. Getting my friends, family and community involved in my fundraising efforts has allowed me to reach out to those who were unfamiliar with Special Olympics and open their eyes to this amazing organization.

While I am raising money to help change these athletes' lives, they have truly changed mine in ways that I will never be able to thank them for.

Karen Dalton

For the past nine years I have run the Disney and or Tinkerbell races in hopes of making a difference in the lives of Special Olympics athletes.

At first, the challenge was to raise money for SOSC, but that quickly changed as I came to know the stories and struggles of many of the athletes. Many of the SOSC athletes kick my butt in the races - and I'm honored to be alongside (and even behind) them!

I am a SOSC fan for life!

Livier Martinez

I run to represent Team SOSC, for my daughter and all the athletes. Representing an established, honest, and generous organization like SOSC is not only an honor, but it serves as motivation to run.

When I feel like slacking off in my workouts or running, I immediately think to myself “Special Olympics athletes are counting on me to raise funds, awareness, and they always try their best, so I should too!”

I will continue to participate as long as my body is able to perform. One day I will no longer be able to run, and hope that others will continue the awareness and fundraising efforts to keep SOSC going.